Our Services


A wide spectrum of cybersecurity and risk advisory services from strategic management to technical controls in the areas of governance, risk and compliance.

  • Governance & Architecture
  • Policy Development
  • Security Design & Review
  • Cybersecurity Solution Advisory
  • Security by Design
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment


IT Audits and reviews for risk based and compliance requirements. These may either be conducted independently or in conjunction with a security review, financial audit, internal audit or other form of attestation engagement.

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Based Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Multi-year Audit Framework
  • IT Process Review
  • Security Review


Security testing to identify vulnerabilities in your organisation’s infrastructure and applications. We use a combination of automated tools and manual testing for pre-commissioning and regular security testing requirements.

  • System Security Acceptance Test
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Source Code Review


Customisable training programmes, addressing the holistic approach to cybersecurity. This includes basic cybersecurity awareness for all your staff, technical cybersecurity training for IT staff, and Tabletop Exercises for management.

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Professional Training
  • Tabletop Exercises

About Us

Assure IT is a Singapore company specialising in technology governance, risk and compliance.

Our interdisciplinary team comprises experienced senior professionals from Government and commercial, across industries that include ICT, Defence, Banking & Finance, R&D, and manufacturing.

Cybersecurity is an important enterprise risk. Assure IT adopts a holistic, end-to-end framework to cybersecurity. We look at People, Process and Technology in designing controls to address cybersecurity risks.
Our Protect, Detect and Respond approach provides a systematic methodology in helping our clients manage cybersecurity risks.